Her Anchor.

She had him. He had her. No matter what chaos came their way, they would always have each other.

She took care of him in a way that no one else but him would know. She was his caretaker after his accident. His nurse, his confidant, his assistant, his cook, his partner, his love, and everything in between.

But to her, God, to her – he was everything. 

He was her birthing coach, her laughter, the most amazing father to their daughter. He was the one who wiped her tears and didn’t have to ask questions. He was the one who showed her what recovery looks like. That you must go through the pain and it is a long, hard process. (One that he is still physically fighting through.)

He was her best friend before anything else. I think that is how all relationships thrive. He knew her inside and out; but he never saw her as being broken.

She feels broken, in ways she can not even begin to describe, he can help numb that feeling, temporarily. He is her anchor.

She knows that they can conquer anything that comes their way together. Their daughter is a prime example – a miracle that came into their lives at the perfect time to save him. 

And save him she did. He was motivated by every kick and movement before she was born. By that time, he was able to be in the birthing room and had grown stronger and stood unwavering. Waiting, coaching, and loving.

Our lives were complete that day. 

Until her mind started to process all that had happened to him in the accident. Thankfully she had their beautiful daughter to focus on. They were (and are) both so grateful to have this beautiful gift to care for and watch grow. Filling their lives with more love and laughter than they ever thought possible.

She was fighting the PTSD behind the scenes for a long time until finally admitting it to those close to her. But now, she keeps it to herself and to him. 

He is her anchor and she will survive this as he reminds her. This is what love is.



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