She is chained like a prisoner. 

Neither moving forward nor backward, but staying in the same place. Stuck in this never-ending moment.

The days she feels like her shoulders were lifting were a lie. The weight was just merely shifting from one shoulder to the other; readjusting.

The days she feels weighed down is paralyzing. She has to talk herself into lifting her own weight to move around. 

Those days were bad – but she almost rathered knowing it was going to be a bad day than thinking the days were finally starting to look up only to come crashing down again.

Her mind lies. She is a prisoner in this Hell that no one can see or experience but herself. No one can imagine the images that haunt her mind and she doesn’t want anyone to.

She is just chained to this moment. The moment that happened 2 years ago.

She feels more alone now than ever.

Her mind is her prison, solitary confinement, and her sentence is unknown. 



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