When I leave you out.

She will write a book, a memoir, or perhaps a short biography on her life.

There will be bits and pieces taken from each moment that has changed her. She is not the same anymore. 

She is not a pretty face with a dainty smile. No. She is the raw version and best person she could make with the life she was given. She has accepted that.

Times in her life were not always that great, some were Hell. She doesn’t regret anything that has happened to her because it made her who she is. 

Maybe she wishes things would be processed differently in her distorted mind but that is what makes a good story, isn’t it?

All these people who think they actually meant more to her than they did will see.

She won’t include your name for recognition in the book of herself. She won’t give you the audience nor the spot in the light.

So don’t be surprised when she decides to leave you out – the same way you left her.



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