Not Quite Normal.

She is not the way most people are. She is deeper than that. She has so much concealed within her heart it aches at times.

She is the one who is there for you when you need her. No matter what. 

She’s the type of friend that is there when life gets tough and needs a solution – not when things are going smoothly. You don’t need her then.

Her mind is tormenting with images and thoughts burned into it. The type of things she wouldn’t get into because the details would scar you. Believe me, she’s tried to scratch the surface for support and you brush her off every single time.

She is a mess but you don’t see that. She’s not like everyone else. She’s bleeding on the inside and it feels like no one can see the pain inside her eyes. 

Her eyes glimmer with tears but you see it as a sparkle. 

What can I say, she is not quite normal.



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