Piercing the Pain away.

She feels pain. Pain every single day. But not the kind of pain she wants – if you have been here you know.

The kind of pain she feels is raw and ugly and real. Her pain is deep inside and working it’s way outward. Her pain consumes her mind, her heart and her soul.

There are not enough adjectives in the world to properly describe her pain.

But this other pain, the pain of a piercing, is real. It’s breathtaking and sharp and instant and throbbing. It’s as easy to describe as it is to see.

So that is what she longs for; a way to keep her pain in the here and now. Whether it be through piercings or tattoos or other body modifications.

She needs to validate her pain is real. At least, the part the world can see. 

But you can see the beauty in her pain. Beauty as a result of her pain. 

She wishes her inner pain was just as translucent but it is just another part of her hidden self.

Pain can be beautiful but, not everything beautiful comes from pain.



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