See me.

See me. Look into my eyes and see me. You can see my soul even when I try to hide it. See that I am trying.

Listen to me. To the words when I speak them. Pay attention to the tone I use, I don’t like to repeat myself.  If I open up to you, listen or I may never open up again.

Feel the energy I bring with me. I try to surround myself with positive vibes but sometimes the negativity follows me like a chained prisoner.

Love me. I am still me inside this trapped body. I may look a bit different and carry myself a different way, but I’m in here. Love me anyway. 

And if you can’t do any of those things, please walk away. My struggles cannot compare to any other’s struggles – no matter what the commonalities may be. Everyone is different. 

Even if we stand a different way, we still stand strong. United but separate, together yet apart. In some way we are on the same team.

So please, see me.



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