No take-backs.

Some days are unlike any other. 

Some of those days she feels like she needs to speak her truth and share her story/struggle/journey to anyone who needs to hear it. If it helps just one person, she would be happy.

Some other days she wishes she never spoke a word of how she felt inside. How can she possibly help another person when she doesn’t even know what’s wrong with herself? She is a walking contradiction.

All she wants is to help. 

She can’t; that eats at her bit by bit. She has nothing to offer but her conpassion, and an ever listening ear.

She has tried to reach out to others to help mend her own distorted mind but without an understanding of mental illness accompanied with lack of empathy, it falls on deaf ears. 

The professionals are giving up on her. But she stays strong in knowing she will not let this illness win. It will not take her whole as it has done to others. She will fight for them too.

So far on this journey she has learned two very important things:

1) If another person shows you their soul, parts of their mind no one else has been, thank them for showing you. Believe them. Listen to them because if you don’t, they may never open up again.

2) Not everyone is your friend. Mostly artificlal people hiding behind familiar faces wanting fuel for gossip. Unfortunately, there are no take-backs.



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