Beautiful People.

She saw all these beautiful people walking past her as she sat and watched. Imagining what was going on in their lives. 

People with dogs, people with children, people that were young, and people that were old. 

These people are all unique. Most smile and nod as they pass by one another, with the exception of one or two that keep their ear buds in and head tucked down. 

She knows even the most beautiful of people may hide the darkest of shadows. The friendliest smile can mask a heart, and head, full of pain.

She was hoping being by the beauty of the water and the sun would make her heart and her mind feel free; even for a moment.

That didn’t happen. She saw these beautiful people and knew some where struggling, maybe just like her. She was sad for them. Even if it was unwarranted.

She wanted to feel content and enjoy the warmth of the sun on her skin, but when it hit her face, she still felt nothing but cold.



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