The eyes are the window to your soul – William Shakespeare

 Does anyone really even bother looking anymore? She wonders this as she wipes the hundredth tear off her cheek of the day.

She is baring her soul and yet no one seems to notice. Behind any smile, if you actually take time to look, you can see the world in someone’s eyes.

She feels everything so fucking deeply maybe no one would notice the tears looming there. Waiting to fall. Just hold on. She has to make it to the car/bathroom/shower/private place somewhere…anywhere.

Why does she bother talking to people who don’t want to hear about her sad days – because they come too often. Why bother sharing this incredibly difficult and emotionally draining experience with anyone? It’s not for attention; it’s because the “professionals” tell her it will make her feel better.

Well, she hasn’t felt much other than uncomfortablely numb (sorry Pink Floyd) and sorrow in the past countless days. 

She tries. 

But no one takes the time to actually look into her eyes.



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