She has known the depths of sadness and how dark the waters can be. She knows how hardened society wants to make her. 

She has been thrown in the pits of hell but still, she crawled out. She was not and is not unscathed, but she pushes through those hard days. 

If she tells you she is having a rough time, her mind is raging a war so vivid and rugged that she is grasping on to whatever will keep her together.

If she tells you she needs you, she needs you now. 

She tries to lift others up to remind herself how to show gratitude and appreciation to those who need it just as much as she does. 

It makes her feel good inside to see joy in others. She can feel their happiness and sadness. She is so damn empathetic that she wonders if it’s really a gift or a curse?

Then she steps back into the brightness of the sun and remembers how much she has to be grateful for.

She is gift. 

Sometimes she forgets that and has to remind herself.

So she writes. And hopes the right person will read it and understand.



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