She has changed.  

Changed the way she sees the world. Changed the people inside her inner circle – a choice she didn’t make alone. She has changed her way of thinking and interpreting the what and why’s of life.

Change is scary. 

And even when she thinks she’s finally made it on the upward climb to the bright light she seeks, she slips on a rock and comes sliding down; desperately trying to grab or grip anything in her sight.

But you see, the rocks are the thoughts she buried down deep. So deep she didn’t think they would surface.

They do. Oh, but they do. And when those rocks appear out of nowhere, they knock her off her feet.

She destroys her heart by not dealing with the glass that tore through it. The stitches are slowly letting go and causing her to break again.

But, I promise you this, she will not let those rocks destroy her. She will use them to climb the mountain more easily.

She has changed. Finally risen to the challenge. 



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