Sad Soul.

She has this beautiful personality and eccentricity about her.  She could light up the darkest of rooms with her small, yet mighty, words of life.

She was constantly changing the way she made other people feel.  Trying to build others up when they want to fall down. Catching them when they would slip. She loved that part of herself. 

She is selfless.  She is so empathic and sensitive she would try to take pain away from others so they didn’t have to deal with it. 

She does it because she is used to suffering.

Her soul is so sad. Her smile cannot break through the darkness of her inner being. She is forever trying to fix herself but it seems impossible. 

The darkness she has inside she will probably never share with anyone. Some parts she can, but some wounds are buried too deep.

And this is why on the outside she seems like the happiest person in the world – but with a soul so sad, it would break your heart.



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