The Moon.

She often spends the nights wide awake. Her bed is beside her window and she is able to see the sky.

She finds the sight of the moon and the stars to be very grounding. 

No matter how shitty the day was, the moon is still there.  Some nights she can see it, some she can’t but she knows it’s there.

That is a lot like her mind. She knows she has an illness.  She knows it will get better. She can’t always see the end of the tunnel, but from time to time, she sees glimpses of it.

The night has a way of helping her realize that there is so much more than her. So much more than this moment.  

She’s feeling so lost. So sad and alone. She feels so much shame and guilt, and knowing she will work through this, she also thinks being in the moment is necessary to heal.



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