It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Is it?

My own personal experiences with the holidays were always happy ones.  

I had everything I needed or wanted from Santa and I was lucky that way. Surrounded by family.

But admist all those happy times, on the inside I wasn’t feeling joyful and happy to be surrounded by people. 

I felt suffocated, heart pounding, shame, guilt, sick to my stomach.  I hid all that though. All of it nicely in my pocket because, “you keep that private and to yourself”.

I think around the holidays our emotions are amplified by something. Some sort of pull that we NEED to do this or that or that we have obligations to keep. Traditions to continue on.

While that may be a good thing for some people, not everyone gets enjoyment out of being busy.

I don’t.

So my husband, daughter and I are starting our own traditions.  So we can enjoy the holidays not just survive them.

This time of year is also difficult for a lot of those who are alone. Feel forgotten, abandoned, excluded.  Please know that it is okay to reach out.  Someone cares about you.  You may not even realize it.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you are able to enjoy the season and not just survive it.



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