I feel broken.

Literally broken – my bones ache through my body. My head aches so much I feel it behind my eyes. My back hurts from being slouched over in tears.

Broken in a way that is exhausting. A tiredness that takes over my mind, body, and soul.

I am tired of speaking. I’m tired of hearing my own voice on repeat – trying to explain the way I feel.

I’m lonely for a place that I have never been or maybe doesn’t exsist. 

I’m stressed out so much that I’ve stopped eating as much as I should <doesn’t help the medication I’m on causes weight loss>.

My cheek bones are starting to show and my clothes becoming baggy.

Some days I feel great, like I could really make a difference. Other days I want to stay in bed and cry.

It’s like I’m trapped in a hole and every time I get close to the surface, something pulls me back down into the darkness.



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