Stop telling me, “Maybe you should try some new meds” or “Jeez, did you skip your meds today?”


Stop trying to convince me that I do not need medication to function properly in society. 

I have tried and tried to make it on my own. I have tried holistic approaches, I have tried meditation, yoga, herbal supplements, flower essences oils, I have tried (most likely) everything you are going to suggest.  

Since I didn’t notice your medical degree hanging in your medical office… Wait, you’re not a doctor? 

Although I do appreciate that you (think) you’re being helpful, really you are hurting me inside. 

I do not enjoy that my body doesn’t want to work with me without medical intervention. I do not enjoy that my mind is at constant battle with my heart and keeps me awake at night.

I do not enjoy the trial and error that goes hand in hand with mental illness and there is no “one size fits all” pill that magically makes me shit rainbows.  

I am extremely lucky to live in Canada and have our healthcare paid for by our government. However, that being said…my medications are not covered as I do not have insurance.  The specialists I should be seeing are way out of my price range so I may not get there.

So again, I ask you to just stop. 

Stop romanticizing mental illness, the struggle, and the pills I have to take everyday. 

Stop making me feel like a failure when my latest medication is not working and I am having more side effects than you can imagine.

Stop suggesting that I “Try harder” to get better because I’m a downer.

Just please stop. If you do not have anything nice or helpful to say to me, keep it to yourself. 

Talk about me behind my back if you feel that you HAVE to say something to someone. If you cannot support me at my lowest, do not expect me to let you in when I’m back on top.



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