All She Needs

At the end of the day, all she needs is someone who will stand by her side.

Even when times get hard and seem impossible. The times that most other people would walk away.

Because, she doesn’t need an army of people to stand watch while she is sleeping – she just needs that one.

That same person who has always been by her side, through the great times and now the hard.

He is the one person who she would never want to give up on her.

Sure, he may not “get” what she is going through, but he is still there.

Sitting quietly by her side with his hand on her knee. As tears roll down her cheeks and overflow.

That is all she needs. She realizes that now, that he is and has always been there.

That’s what love is, isn’t it?

It’s not about fancy gifts, or expensive dates; it’s about these hard moments. The moments she will never forget.

Their love is something worth writing about.

It’s the little things, my love, that matter the most to her. Never forget that.



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