A letter to myself

AirBrush_20160729214400.jpgI wrote this in my journal on July 6/16

She is beautiful. Not necessarily on the outside, but on the inside where it counts.

She is beautiful in the way she smiles through her pain, her tears, and her worries.

She is beautiful in the way she tries her best – even though she’s not perfect, she wakes up every morning and gives it her all.

She tries, maybe too hard, to be the strong one. To hold her head high and let the negativity roll off her back. But inside she battles the demons on her own.

She is beautiful because she lifts up those around her whenever she can. She feels the pain of others and wishes she could absorb it. She feels deeply, passionately.

The world is not black and white. We live in the grey. That is what it makes us all beautiful.

When I look at my daughter, that is the moment I feel the most beautiful.

We must all acknowledge our own beauty without relying on the compliments of others.



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