I’m Fine

When she is asked how she is, her answer remains the same. “I’m fine” or “I’m okay”.

The truth is, she is tired of explaining her emotions to people.

There are layers of emotion. She needs to be careful not to let too much seep out.

She finds it difficult to trust. Even, or maybe especially, those who pledge their ongoing support.

Because when the sun goes down, and the battle begins, it’s surprising to see who shows up to help her fight.

As the war wages on, her soldiers start to retreat. No longer a supporter of their pledge. She doesn’t want to draft anyone, they are free to leave at anytime, without judgement.

Of course she knows she is and will always be her support; perhaps the only true one she’ll ever have. She’s accepted that.

This is why she only shows one layer at a time, and when people ask, she continues to say, “I’m fine.”



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